Past, Present, and Future…Love

On this Flirty Friday, I pose a question. Is it ok to continue friendships with your exes and old friends with benefits when you are in a relationship?


There are so many difference responses to this question, and I am sure a lot will start with, “well it depends on…”.  Lets explore this a little.


When it comes to your exes, those that you are actually able to remain friends with, can you truly keep it a friendship? Are you honest with yourself in saying, you are remaining friends because along with the relationship you have really become friends and the relationship aspect just didn’t work out. Or, you are still friends because its your way of holding on to a relationship you still wish you had? If you are honest with yourself in answering this question, then either, a. you don’t need another boyfriend/girlfriend because you are clearly not over the ex, or b. once in a new relationship you have to be open and honest with your current partner and them be able to trust and be comfortable with the situation.  Now you may say that’s hard for your boyfriend/girlfriend to do. And that’s correct, but at the same time, you can't give them any reason for them not to trust you or be uncomfortable with it. Keep your actions in mind and know what may seem innocent to you and your ex may not seem so to your current. BE MINDFU AND HONEST.


When it comes to old friends with benefits, that’s where it gets touchy. For one, that may not be something you want to tell your current boyfriend/girlfriend. And before getting into an actual relationship, make sure you know where you stand physically and emotionally with your friend with benefits. If you’ve become emotionally invested, is a relationship with someone else what you really want and is it fair to the other person to get into one? Can you just stop your physical contact and remain just friends afterwards? When it comes to friends with benefits, it's all a matter of being honest with yourself before getting involved with someone else, because in the end all parties get hurt one way or another.


Think About It….

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Peace and Love

Gwendolyn Renee