Over Mr. Wrong… Where is Mr. Right?

Ever wonder why you keep attracting Mr. Wrong? Where is your Mr. Right? Keep meeting the same kind of guy, or they seem to be great then all of a sudden turn on you, or your just not meeting guys at all. I began to think of it like this, how you choose your friends, you should choose your mate. I mean after all, you do want him to be your friend right?  Take a look at these few tips in finding a guy that could  turn out to be your Mr. Right.


1. Don’t go searching for a guy in the club. Odds are he’s not looking for a relationship; he’s looking for a good time. Isn’t that why you go to the club?


2. Keep your eyes open while at random, everyday stops. You usually find someone when you least expect it, so give that guy over there online at the coffee shop, or bookstore, or CVS, or wherever a chance.


3. Listen to how he talks, whether about women, other men, his views on issues and so on, because odds are that’s how he feels, though he may display different actions (representative).

4. If he tells you who he is, believe him. Don’t think that one day you will change him. He is telling you how he is, so later down the line you can’t say he never told you.


5. If and when you do meet his friends, pay attention to how they act, because those are the people he spends his time with when not with you. Your friends are a reflection of you.


6. Know yourself. Don’t put up with things you know aren’t for you just because he has other great qualities or you don’t want to be alone. Eventually what you put up with now will bite you in the ass later.


7.  With #6 being said, don’t expect him to be perfect, because you are not. Know what “flaws” are worth letting go and if you can rise above them to have a lasting relationship.


8. Don’t give it up right away. Allow there to be a chase (without games though, ladies please). Give him something to look forward to, build up the anticipation. If he has no problem waiting on you, and you spend the time to get to know each other, sex in the end will be your bonus to having found a friend and lover.



I am sure there are sooo many more ways you can find Mr. Right, but start out with these tips and I’m sure you will figure it out from there. Use this as a simple guideline.



Just remember, like your friends reflect who you are, you want a guy who reflects who you are…


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee