About Me

Tileah Aisha is true to her zodiac sign Pisces, she is a detailed dreamer by nature. You can always catch her having a “vision” as she likes to call it. Creating vivid depictions, she is always trying to turn these visions into a reality. Seeking ways to take over the world, many say she is “too much” but she just believes she is “just more than they're use to”.

Professionally, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Politics and a Masters degree in Public Administration. With a life time goal to service the public, Tileah Aisha is very active within her community as a teen mentor as well as different missions within her church. Currently a paralegal in the legal field, Tileah Aisha is constantly organizing the blueprint to step into the political realm to continue her public service on a greater magnitude. Nevertheless, on a relaxed day you can always find her surfing the web for new current events, mingling with her friends, polishing her nails, engulfed in her nook reading, or obsessing with her guilty pleasure, watching reality television.

Sticking to this motto, “Nothing is difficult, everything is a challenge...” she continues to bring her lively fun, free spirited personality to her endeavors through public service.