Oasis Hidden Within The City

With the weather and season slowly changing, it’s the perfect time to enjoy being outside. It’s not too hot, not too cold, the sun shining during the day to heat you up just enough and once the sun goes down, you might need a light jacket or sweater. Where am I going with this? The Highline of course!!! NYC’s hidden oasis amongst the buildings. This “floating” trail down the Westside of Manhattan goes from Gansevoor Street and Washington Street to W 30th Street between 11th and 12th Street. You don’t have to start at either end to enter this new world, there are several points where stairs and/or elevators can bring you right into the heart. Once you’ve entered the oasis, you are surrounded my greenery. Whether it’s an assortment of small trees, plants, or flowers, you would never know you were still in NYC until you look up and above. There are several benches and seating areas to relax, even a section with numerous chaise lounge chairs looking toward the Hudson river and New Jersey skyline.  At anytime there could be a jazz band or singers or fireworks in the distance for entertainment. They even have a few venders with gourmet sandwiches, gelato, sorbet and other snacks.


Now that you know what the Highline has to offer, here’s what I suggest. Use it as a date spot! It can be a first date or a second or third, it could even be a great place for you and your other, who have been together for quit sometime, to get away from it all. For the first and second daters, it’s well populated, if your worried about being in an area with numbers, and it allows you to have a chilled out date where you can talk and get to know one another. The atmosphere is a great conversation starter and if you lose things to talk about I am sure the trail will give you enough surprises and topics to start back up again. For those who have been dating or in relationships, it’s a romantic get away for a night, that simple.


I recommend you go around sunset. With the sun setting on the Westside you are in a perfect location to see the different colors stream across the sky. Once the sun has gone down the trail is beautifully lit and adds an even more romantic feel to an already romantic setting.


Good Luck!



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee


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