No Labels, No Box… LIVE

As a society we automatically think within a box or with boundaries. We feel the need to catoragize people and what they do. Not saying that we are quick to judge, although some are, but people feel more comfortable giving people labels. If they can give labels then it helps them understand and deal with things they may not know or may be afraid of.

Why worry or even care about what everyone else is doing or how they view you? What does that other persons' job, sexuality, clothing, hair, hobbies, or even opinions have to do with you and the way you live your life? Imagine how much easier life would be if we worried about only ourselves and how we live our own lives?

I'd assume that people would be happier as a whole if they can live their lives without thinking about others opinions or views. So many of us do or don't do things out of habit because of other people and or for fear of being labeled. The older you get the easier it becomes for you to live your life as you please. So I say go do you, live the way you like to, and no one else's views, opinions, or labels should stop you.

As my fellow LCC blogger Tileah Aisha would quote, "Live your life off the wall!"

Peace and Love

Gwendolyn Renee