Negativity Is A Good Thing

The current fad is to be positive, to keep negativity away, to stay on your hustle, push forward, and go for what you want. I am all for it! But there is no way for anyone, regardless of his or her position in life to keep and hold on to that mind set all the time. And when you do have your moments of weakness, you feel that you have to keep it to yourself, because no one wants that around them or they will think your not handling yours. We all feel like we have hit the bottom of the barrel at some point in our lives, and for others to act as if they have never been there… come on.

Sometimes you need that fall, that surge of negativity to push you in the direction you need to go in. Hitting rock bottom can be a good thing, the only way you can go from there is up. Don’t allow others to make you feel that just because you aren’t in the most positive state at the moment, that it means you are doing something wrong or less than them. Just know we all go through it, and you are not expected to be at the top of your game 24/7, 365. Just never give up and push forward, eventually the storm will pass and a rainbow will appear.

Peace & Love
Gwendolyn Renee