Nature vs. Nurture

After recently finding out some new things about my family “make up” I began to wonder, if I knew all this information from the beginning would I still be who I am? Do your parents or family really make who you are, or do you create who you are? It could be a classic case of “nature vs. nurture”. If your parents are of different races, or ethnicities, or cultures, or of the same sex, will that mold who you are? Or are you destined to be who you are regardless of who your parents are or who your family is?

Some people who are biracial feel the need to identify with only one parent. They get confused or feel guilty because they may identify with one parent over the other, and may feel like they are hurting the other parent’s feelings or make their parent feel they are ashamed. But why choose sides? If you can only realize you have the best of both worlds, you can take a little from each side and expand on that. You can be a much more rounded person if you don’t close yourself to one aspect of your life, but open up your heart and mind to it all and you can benefit beyond belief.


If you come from a family who is very conservative, but you are not, whether it be the music you listen to, the way you dress, piercings, tattoos, or the friends your hangout with, be who you are, regardless. As long as you don’t harm yourself or family, I personally don’t see anything wrong with being who you are, even if it may be the opposite of your family. At the same time, don’t totally rebel from your family, help them understand the way you live and enjoy your life. At the same time, stay open to their way of life and you can in the end learn from each other.


No matter who your parents are, or what type of family you come from, be YOU. If they have helped you realize who you want to be or even who you don’t want to be, they play a major role in who you are today. The question “nature vs. nurture” will never truly be answered, but why not let it be a tie, and you be the best you, you can be. No one else can do it better.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee