My Love Has A Limit

On Facebook today a friend of mine was breifly talking about love having a limit, although you may love someone it doesn't mean there are no boundaries to that love or anything isacceptable.

Does love have a limit? How far will you go for love? Everyone knows that once in are lationship the rules change and roles are taken on. But at what point do those rules androles become too much?

I'm not talking about the foolish things such as when a man goes, "baby I love you but, I am NOT going down that isle in CVS. You know that isle?" I'm talking about the major things like, disconnecting youself from friends and family because your "other" says they are a bad influence or they are too much in your relationship. If you love him, would you give that up to be in his life the way he wants you to be? Or how about, you have your dreams and aspirations, but he doesn't support them and wants you to give them up so you can follow him and his dreams?

There are so many more situations I am sure you or someone you know have been in, who claim it's because he loves you so much. Is that really love? I always thought when in love, it's an equal bond, equal roles are shared, equally supportive of one another, and the main goal is to continuously lift one another up and help each be a better person.

If you can't find those words in your love and you find yourself questioning what you are being asked, or in worse case scenario, being told what to do. Ask yourself this, "does my love have a limit?" How far will you go for the one you love?