Moving Forward with the Dream

Today we observe the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. AND the inauguration of the 44th president Barack Obama.  Today is a monumental day in history. Today is poetic. The inauguration falling on today’s date speaks volumes and I am so happy to be apart of history as a witness.

Today I will reflect on this day of my ancestors and of the trials and tribulations my people have been through as well as the journey of my country.  Today I will reflect on how Dr. King was such an inspiration and diligent servant to the community and nation at large.  His dream to be equal and united should not go unrecognized for we are where we are today because of his bold actions.

Today I will reflect on the country’s first black president Barack Obama.  His courageous actions inspire me to believe, that I truly can do all things.  Today I will rebuke the negative tribulations that are thrown on him every day yet he continues to move with a smile and offer the people hope and continues to do his job well. It takes a lot of bravery to go against the grain and daily we see our President doing such.

Today I will ask myself the question, is Dr. King’s dream being fulfilled? Is Dr. King proud of his people and nation?  These and many more are questions I wonder and I consider before I make any actions in my life.  Dr. King’s dream was important and it’s important that we follow that dream and we make that dream come true. Our nation has come a long way, but this past President election proved to us that SO much more work still must be done.

So I ask you, are you up for the challenged? Are you ready to be apart of history and create a dynamic impact as Dr. King and President Obama? We must stand firm for something or we will fall for anything.  What are you standing for?


Moving Forward with the Dream

“May we all be inspired to “have a dream” beyond the nightmares we face and work to make this world a better place” – Dr. Freddy Haynes


Tileah Aisha