Make that Money$$$ Save that Money $$$

Being 25 has taught me one phenomenon so far... Age 30 is knocking on my window!!!! I may be young but I'm no longer a "baby" and I can't use my age as an excuse for my actions any longer. I have realized I really need to get my finances in order. Starting as young as possible with saving and investing can eliminate majority of the stresses and depressions people have in their older years, which is money. A lot of people say they "want money" "want to be rich" but only one percent of the population actual does it. Many just stick to their 9am to 5pm and do what they can. That is perfectly fine if it suits you and your lifestyle, but if you think working that 9am to 5pm is going to make you rich, please Go to Jail and Do Not collect $200. Working for other people will not make you rich yet alone wealthy. And yes people there is a HUGE difference between rich and wealthy. Rich is temporary, wealth is forever- figure out what you want your status to be. All it takes is an idea, after that the rest is up to you. If I'm making it sound so simple, that's because it is, ONLY if you’re obsessed with it; cross reference back at the previous blog “I am Obsessed” and learn how to grind on your goals and aspirations.
Money Tips:
*Always pay yourself first
*Never say "I can't afford it" instead THINK "how can I afford it".