Let’s Flirt with Good Friday

Hey ladies,


Since today is Good Friday I just wanted to briefly take this time and chick chat about how good today really is. Let’s challenge ourselves to only speak about the goodness that is going on in our lives. Majority of the times we have so much going on that we forget to think about all the goodness that we actually did or had done to us.  Personally when something bad happens in my life I completely forget or push aside all the goodness of the situation and focus on the negative.  I become so stressed out that I put myself into a depression and that is when it seems as if my life is going in a downward spiral. That feeling is not a pleasant one and should not happen often.


But today I want to focus solely on the goodness of life, despite whatever may be going on, focus on the good.  It’s Friday, and the weekend is here for your enjoyment. Take this time out to embrace the goodness of your life and flirt with the weekend. Try something new, I hear the weather is going to be lovely so perhaps an outside activity would be refreshing. Whatever it is just have fun and be happy.


Since it is Easter weekend I plan to spend it with my family and friends and embrace just how lucky and blessed I am. I have a few errands to run but besides that I will enjoy this great spring weather we are having in the Tri-State. So today I challenge you to put on your Sunday best outfit and step out and enjoy this Good Friday and weekend and have fun!!!




Tileah Aisha