Let the Count Down Begin…

The New Year is approaching very fast and whether you’re ready or not 2012 is on the way.  Hopefully, we all will be in good health and get to experience another calendar year and have another opportunity at this phenomenon called LIFE.  The concept of New Years always impresses me because this whole new awareness of existence takes over every ones mental.  Every New Year you hear the drawn out speeches and statements of “new year, new attitude” and all of these changes people will do, and what they will and won’t tolerate, and yada yada yada. I can go on and on about the declarations people have for the New Year.  But to me, all I hear is clatter.  Why must we wait until the New Year to create change? Why must we wait until the New Year to make a difference in our lives or better yet in someone else’s life? What is so significant about the New Year that makes it different from This Year or Last Year? To me, the New Year is just a calendar date by mankind. (Shoulder shrug) Experiencing the New Year is seeing a new day which that itself is precious and therefore “change” should not wait for the New Year. Change should occur once you come to the realization that a transformation must occur. 

Many people make all these resolutions and by mid February, the diet is out the window, the goal is shattered and not built upon, and then…. wait….it’s a New Year to start all over again.  So if you’re one of those people that thrive in the “new year new attitude” syndrome, let that truly shine through this New Year and bring change to yourself and others.  Stick to the goals and resolutions that you may have set for yourself and keep pushing on until you’re satisfied with yourself!


Declare 2012 to be AWESOME

Declare to yourself to be HUMBLE

Declare to the universe to be ELEVATED

2012 Lets GO!!!!!