No, this isn’t going to be about “THEE LATE”; you might be thinking of, that’s another blog entirely. This is about being late when it comes to being on time. I can assume that you would agree in saying that it is rude. It is common courtesy to be at a certain place at the designated time by both parties. Is it not? The whole idea of picking a time to meet or have an appointment is to keep order, make it to other obligations, and/or be at the same place at the same TIME, I am sure there are a ton more reasons.

My question is, how could the person who is late be so inconsiderate to the other person’s time? There may be times where you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day and may not mind waiting around, but that person who you are waiting for doesn’t know that. They should always assume they are just one more appointment added to your day.

For anyone that knows me, they know I am very anal when it comes to time. Over the years I have gotten more lenient with people as far as keeping up their end of making it on time. I do know things happen and situations come up. But if that is the case, let the person know you are running late or wont make it. It is a common courtesy that should be given to the person you are meeting, regardless if they are friends, business acquaintance, or meeting for the first time.

All in all, try to be on time and give people the respect and courtesy you’d like to be given. Know that other people’s time is just as valuable and important as yours, and it doesn’t take much time or effort to keep the person you are meeting with in the loop as far as your timing, travel, and situations, etc.


Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.


Peace & Love

~Gwendolyn Renee