Keeping Your Cool

How many of us have a job that urk our last nerve? Where we feel like at any minute we can lose our cool? Almost everyday you are ready to just get up and say forget you forget this job I am out!!!!

There are so many reasons why we need to hold on to jobs that we can’t stand. Some of those reasons may be bills, loans, family, lifestyle, ect. What can you do to help get yourself through those rough times at work that make you want get up and leave? Well there are several things you can do. You can always use the mental approach. Constantly tell yourself you need the money, or the experience, or when all is said and done this will make you a better person. I know at times that its just not enough, but you must push through to get to a better place. For those times when your boss or a client or a co-work is working that last nerve, or talking to you in a tone that you don’t appreciate or they may even be trying to get under your skin on purpose, give them the opposite reaction they are looking for. Entertain yourself by being as correct and polite as possible. By you doing so, it makes them more upset because they aren’t getting a rise out of you. You are entertained because they are getting frustrated and all they can say is you are such a polite person. In the end who wins? YOU!

As women we have more to prove in the work place and many people, mostly of the male sex, feel that we are not capable of certain jobs or deserve the same respect as them in the work place. Never let them get to you, because you will just be labeled as another angry woman. Although you may not like your job, don’t let it show. Put a 110% into what you do as a showcase to your next job, hopefully a job you’ll love, will see what a great employee you are.

Be strong, be tough, and instead of letting them work your nerves… Kill them with kindness.