Is There Too Much Honesty & Truth?

Have you ever been in a relationship, whether it’s the “getting to know you” stage, or dating stage, or official relationship stage, where you feel like you just want to tell the truth about everything, even when not asked, or feel the need to tell them honestly and randomly how you feel about them on a regular basses? There’s just something about that person that makes you want to open up and give them your all. But is it possible to give too much of your honesty, to give away too much truth?


Personally, when I get involved with someone I begin to feel that way with, I let go. I tell them how I feel, I tell my past and current truths, and at times it works and at times it doesn’t. I feel that if you can be totally honest and upfront with your “other” and they not run or change their opinion about you, the two of you were meant to be together. They can accept your past and current truths, whether they agree with them or not. They can be secure enough in their feelings and the relationship to hear you express your feeling even though theirs may not be at the same level.


Find what works best for you. If you open up and express how you feel on a regular bases and volunteer your truths and your “other” reciprocates and/or embraces it, then continue and your relationship will flourish. However, if you do that and your “other” begins to pull away or tells you its too much, then do just that and fall back. I’m not saying lie or don’t express yourself, but you don’t have to volunteer your truths, but do tell when asked. You don’t have to express how you feel all the time, but it is nice to let your “other” know how you feel when the time is right.


Relationships are all about balance. Sometimes you have to experiment with that balance to get it just right for the type of relationship you are trying to achieve. With any relationship, when you are yourself and honest with yourself you will have the most success, but when you feel like you can’t, why would you want to be with that person anyway?


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee