Is Social Media Interfering with your Relationship?

Every day people are checking their facebook, twitter, linkedin, and instagram accounts, sometimes all through out the day. Social media has taken over the globe.  Social media can be great in terms of re-connecting with old friends, expanding one’s brand, or simply connecting and learning about other people.  But how does social media measure up with dating? I know and heard of plenty of relationships that have gone sour due to social media.

“Why did you ‘like’ that pic?” “Why is s/he your friend?” “Who said “retweet” that?” “Who “tagged” you in that?” Oh, the lists of questions are endless when it comes to social media! LOL. As great as social media can be, it must be handled with care when you’re in a relationship.

Here are 4 ways to stop social media from interfering with your relationship:


  1. Give Each Other Privacy: It is okay to be friends with your beau on each other’s social media site, but please do not become a stalker. Do not have on your daily agenda, “stalk my boos page”
  2. Do Not Jump to Conclusions: Do not become irate at every comment you see on your beau’s page. Remember: you can’t control what someone else wrote.
  3. Do Not “Friend” All of Their Friends: Unless you have personally met and know the person, please do not go through their friend list and start clicking “request friend”. It may imply you are looking for something and hoping to find it on someone else’s page.
  4. Remember Everyone Has a Past: Please remember that you represent the present and hopefully the future in someone’s life.  Do not find a comment or post from 7 years ago, way before your time and get upset. Unless you have been committed with that person since birth, everyone has a past.


Hope these little tips help. Do not let social media ruin a good thing.



Tileah Aisha