Is Marriage Worth It Anymore?

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After only 6 weeks of marriage, it is noted that Evelyn Lozada of popular reality show Basketball Wives has filed for divorce from former Miami Dolphin player Chad Johnson.  After media reports surfaced of domestic violence, the duo may in fact call it a quits.  After reading this information,   it was sad to hear that domestic violence was the cause.  Never should anyone, male or female, be subjected to verbal, mental, and physical abuse from other people.   And personally, I agree with Evelyn.  She should not be subjected to that type of treatment. Get out of the situation before it is too late.

However, on another note, is marriage worth it? Especially in the “industry”, divorce is such a popular termed used because it happens far too often.  I thought when people get married there is a covenant and vows that you each take to cherish one another. Is that no longer the case? It seems as if everyone gets married but later gets a divorce.  So, it makes me wonder is it even worth it?  Many times people fall in love for all of the wrong reasons; to later find out they fell in love with a stranger.  This must be a shocking epiphany for some, but with divorce and non married couples living together on the rise, it must mean marriage has lost its worth.  According to, the divorce rate in America for the first marriage is 45% to 50% marriages result in a divorce.  That is almost half of those that do get married end up divorce 0_o these rates really make me wonder, is marriage worth it? Are people falling out of love that easily? Being the sappy person I am does love still exist?

I do not know what is going on. But I still have hope that marriage is worth it.  I love seeing old couples holding hands and celebrating 50 plus years of marriage.  Witnessing senior couples showing love and affection to their spouses/ life partners is a beautiful sight and I can wait until one day experience it.

What are your thoughts? Is marriage still worth it?



Tileah Aisha


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