Is It True or Just Summer Time Love?

Its only been three weeks and it feels like forever (cliche', yeah I know) but everything came so naturally, from the meet and greet, to the all day phone conversations, to the first kiss, just living in bliss riding the wave of this unplanned cloud nine.  But how long will it last? Could this be too good to be true?   In life we tend to always wonder and focus on why something did NOT happen and we completely disregard why something DID happen.  When situations appear to good to be true, we must admit, we wait for it to fuck up. Why is that? Has history repeated itself time and time again, that we actually believe good things always come to an end.
So now we're here at a stand still, hesitant to move forward but confident to know not to let it go. Feelings are mixed, because isnt it too soon to feel this way? But then again, who set the "standard" time frame?  These bipolar emotions can really take a hindrance to the mind, yet it's the emotions I have inside that really has me going wild. Is this something "we" really want or is it just that "summer time love" people speak of...