Is it time to take a “ME” Day? 6 Relaxing Tips

Do you feel physically drained? Are you mentally exhausted? Are you having a hard time focusing? Perhaps you need a “ME TIME” day.  What is a “ME TIME” day? It is a day where you focus solely on yourself and you rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Life’s activities can be very demanding to the mind body and soul and there comes to a point where you MUST take a time out. Today was my mental “ME TIME” day and it felt amazing, I decided to do a spa day and it was just what I needed. There are several activities you can do on your “ME TIME” day just make sure your activity is relaxing and soothing to your mental and physical being.

Here are 6 “ME TIME” activities:

  1. Spa Day- Treat yourself to a full body massage and soothing facial.  The aromatherapy would do wonders for your spirit. You will come out nice and relaxed, just what you would need to loosen up those tense muscles.
  2. Movie Day- Go to the movies and/or rent some DVD’s and make it a movie day. Sometimes you need something to take your mind away from reality. So check out the latest flick or even some old flicks, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  3. Exercise- Make use of your gym membership and try out a new workout routine. Try out a spin or yoga class to help tone and relax your physical body.
  4. Read a Book- Find a quiet zen location, grab a throw blanket and get lost into the pages of a good book.
  5. Get some rest- Just lay in the bed and sleep. Sometimes your body just needs to sleep in order to regain your strength and energy. Getting a good eight or more hour of sleep could be beneficial.
  6. Retail Therapy- Hit the mall and spend a little money. Don’t go overboard but treating yourself to a new pair of shoes or an outfit couldn’t hurt ;)

What are your “ME TIME” activities? Drop me a comment and let’s share the info.

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