Is being #2 actually better than #1?

being mary janeAccording to Mary Jane, YES!!!

If you watched Being Mary Jane this week you received a quick crash course on how being #2 is not so bad, in fact it’s actually better. *ques side chicks applause* The shade was real in this episode when Mary Jane gave a speech in front of her “wishing and hoping he was my man’s” wife.  If you missed the READ, here it is:

I’ve found that being number 2 gives you all the glory of being near the top without all the pressures of the number one spot. The job of any great number 2 is to figure out what the number 1 is missing. What they refuse to see and what they’re doing wrong. So take your time, learn, be patient, get better. You will get where you’re supposed to be if you do the work.  Remember, if you don’t, somebody else will.

Well, this may just be the best subliminal read of 2014.  I mean come on, it doesn’t get any shadier that that ladies.  But let’s be real, this is television so don’t believe the hype.

Society has always made everyone feel as if they must be number one in order to be great.  And truth be told, everyone strides for that number one spot. Whether it’s to be the number one sales marketing rep at your job, to bestselling author, to number one on the music charts, to winning the gold medal in a race, everyone strides to be number one; two is not a winner and three, simply no one ever remembers them.  LoL. My point is, if you stride to be number one in all other areas of your life, why would you settle to be number two in someone else’s life? Are you not worth that number one spot?

Mary Jane makes some valid points if this speech was shade free.  For instance, the job of any great number two is to figure out what number one is missing.  Great advice! As you’re growing in your career and you size up your competition, you learn how they did it, and you try to do it better plus add something extra to make you stand out and eventually take their spot.  It’s the nature of the game.  In addition, Mary Jane was right, in a shade free speech, what you won’t do someone else will. Tell it!!

You can be lazy if you want to, someone will surely come and take your spot.  HOWEVER, please note ladies’, being number two to a man is never beneficial to your emotional well being. You can front if you wish but when the holidays come around and you’re alone, it will be a quick reminder that number two should not be for you.  Mary Jane is doing what she does best, playing it smooth in front of the wife, but truth be told she wishes and prays she can have her spot.

Don’t believe the hype ladies, number two is not the new number one.

Always be number one or none to a man.


Tileah Aisha

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