Interview with New Jersey’s Popular Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder

adrienne felderLADIES, whether you want a firm booty, wash board abs or toned arms and legs the only way to get there is by exercising. These quick fix routines that are being advertised are mostly hoaxes and are probably unhealthy for your body in the long run.

I started my workout routine last year when I joined LA Fitness. That was short lived because I became lazy and stopped going :( Don’t judge me, it happens to many of us lol. However, the times I did go I would take a muscle toning class that had a great instructor. For me, classes work best because I need interaction with others when I work out. Plus, I’m clueless in the gym so having an instructor really helps. 

After going to those classes I found the instructor very skillful at training plus she pushed everyone to their limits. The little time and effort I did put in had my legs and booty looking right!  It’s like she knew everyone personally and knew how far to push them. I liked that personal factor about it because it proved she actually cared. I know trainers are paid to do their job but it’s good to find a trainer that actually cares.  She even expresses her personality through her routines, jokes here and there and the music was always pumping. You can get your workout on plus get your groove back. Sadly, I stopped going to the gym and she stopped training there but she continues her journey as a fitness trainer and she is sculpting the lives and bodies of many. LCC was able to catch up with the busy Fitness Trainer Adrienne Felder  and here is what she had to say:

LCC : What inspired you to get into fitness training?

Adrienne: Ever since I can remember I have been conscious about my weight. When I was young I was always a bit larger than my older sister and felt fat.  At the age of 15, I got a job at the YMCA simply to get a free membership.  Who knew that a career in fitness was where I was headed!? That was just the beginning. Since I was 15 years old exercise has been the only thing that has remained constant in my life. No matter where I was or life changes that I was experiencing, a good workout would make everything better. I noticed how exercise changed my life. Not only in the physical but no matter what challenges I were to face in life that I could overcome them. Exercise to me is a metaphor for life. You can have EVERYTHING that you want if you set your mind to it and work hard. I knew that God put me here on earth to motivate and inspire people to be better. When you are fit you feel better about yourself and it opens the flood gates for opportunities in your life. It is my purpose to teach people that there are no gimmicks or no tricks, simply work hard and have determination to be better.

LCC: With the obesity rate on a rise in America, what are some tips you can offer to stay in shape?

Adrienne: From the words of Dr. Maya Angelou, "when you know better do better". Just try to do better. Do your homework and see what you are putting in your body. Educate yourself and pay attention. Also, take baby steps. Start with putting one foot in front of the other. Don't wait until Monday how about starting now. Start by moving. Park in the furthest parking spot at the store, take the stairs, and walk around your neighborhood, just start. The more you move the more you want to move, the more you learn the better you will become at the whole healthy lifestyle thing.

Don't go too hard too soon. I see this all the time!!! In the beginning you ball out and stays at the gym for 3 hours, take 4 classes, get injured or bored and you are done! Try starting t slow and pick a routine that you can stick with. The only way you should be in the gym for more than an hour is if you’re getting paid. If you’re not getting what you need in 60 minuets, you are not working hard enough! So don't stay longer, just work harder!

Lastly, find something that you enjoy. If you do not like it you will NOT do it! If you like to dance -try Zumba, or organized sports - join a sports league, if you need music to get through you walks-make a killer playlist, find a fitness instructor that you like and take their classes, but find something you like!!!!!

LCC: Which has the most important impact on weight loss- healthy diet or exercising?

Adrienne: It is all important. However, weight loss is 85% what you put in your mouth and 15% exercise. This does not mean you do not need to exercise. Weigh loss is basic math. Calories go in calories go out. For some this may be slightly different considering the rate of your metabolism, but for the most part food is everything. Exercise is the icing on the cake. Not only does it speed up weight loss, it does so many amazing things. Promotes heart health, speeds up your metabolism, and helps for "things" to hang in the proper place, and the list goes on!

LCC:  As women, we always crave a flat stomach and a firm bottom, what exercises are good at targeting those areas?

Adrienne: Food and cardio exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen. Usually, the mid section is where the excess fat decides to take shelter. Watch what you eat and move! Running is awesome for toning the tummy! And the booty... Squats of course!

There is no such thing as 20min anything. There is no quick pill or easy way. Lots of hard work! Exercise 3 to 5 days a week. Cardio, strength, flexibility training, and serious diet modifications is the ONLY thing that will give you your desired body frame. But the question is "How bad do you want it?" Hmmmmm?

LCC: What are your future plans in fitness training?

Adrienne: I plan on opening up my own fitness facility that specializes in giving people that personal touch. I want to bring back group fitness but with a personal training feel. Every teacher should know all their students and exactly how to push them. The studio will be opening very soon. Stay tuned!

LCC: What is one silly fact about Adrienne Felder?

Adrienne: I never leave the supermarket without buying flowers, they make me happy :)

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