Influential Routines vs Inactive Routines

tileahThe concept of routines has its positives and negatives side effects. As humans we develop routines to help us maintain structure in our lives and it helps us achieve certain goals; perhaps setting a study schedule, exercising regime, etc. Routines help us stay focus on one particular objective at a time. But can a routine also hinder us?

There are two types of routines that we sometimes fall into. There are influential routines and inactive or stagnant routines.  Influential routines are those routines that help you achieve one specific goal. For example, if you are trying to become a singer, you will have a routine where everyday for a set number of hours you will have vocal training. This type of routine I consider influential because you are working towards something greater.  Now, let's take an inactive routine. An example would be aimlessly surfing the web with no intentions at all, just wandering through google.  If this is something that you do day in and day out, you have developed a routine that is not progressing. If you were surfing the web for something in particular that is one thing, but if you constantly spend hours on the web with no purpose this could be consider a stagnant routine.  This is something that is taking up your time but is not necessarily adding value.

I have found that in my life I work well with a routine when I have a certain goal to achieve. Influential routines work best for me, but I have fallen into the trap of having stagnant routines. I think we all do, whether we realize it or not. We all have those routines that we do daily just because we want too. Now, those are not necessarily a bag thing BUT if it is keeping you away from achieving something that is greater perhaps it is time to break that routine. So, how do you know it’s time to change some routines: Here are a few tips,

*Constant Daydreaming: Perhaps you are constantly thinking about something else other than what you are doing. It may be time to break the routine for a bit and figure out why you keep daydreaming about something else

*Constantly frustrated: If you find yourself getting upset daily because you hate what you have to do, perhaps its time to do what you want to do. Now, please use caution when making hastily decisions.

*Feeling Uninspired:  Once your routine feels more like a chore instead of an activity it may be time to rethink your actions. Your actions should motivate you into progressing, if you find your daily task actually drain you to the point you are mentally and physically exhausted ALL THE TIME, perhaps it may be time to break the routine.

*Lack of Satisfaction: Despite how busy you may be daily if those tasks do not give you some type of enjoyment or fulfillment, it may be time to break the routine.  Of course, everyday we may not like the things we have to do, but if you find yourself being completely disconnected where you can’t even imagine the greater outcome; it may be time to revamp that routine.

Many times in life we are forced to develop routines but it does not mean we have to become a prisoner to our routines. Figure out why you must have a routine based on the projected outcome and then keep that in mind and use as your motivation.  We all become frustrated as we try to reach goals, but remember routines are good as long as they are influential to something greater.

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Tileah Aisha