“I think therefore I write”- Interview with Prize Winning “I Love Them All’ Writer and Actor AR Garcia

photoBest known as an actor, writer, and radio personality, AR Garcia is a star on the rise. From writing and starring in his own plays, short stories and soon to be films; AR Garcia is one to look out for. With his recent prize winning script, I Love Them All, AR Garcia isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Recently, I had the privilege of seeing his off Broadway production I Love Them All at La Tea Theater in New York City. I was pleasantly surprised, when the lights dimmed and the spot light was on set and it was SHOW TIME! Out comes AR Garcia performing his one man show.

I LOVE THEM ALL is a one man short play about Nicholas de la Cruz, a young lawyer that has climbed the ladder of success through his aggressive litigation style who has become consumed by vices. He has fallen into sex addiction, alcoholism, a cocaine addiction and uses all his time for work. He is plagued by insomnia and when does get sleep he is haunted by nightmares which prompt him to seek out therapy. In his sessions he uncovers that there is much more to his problems’

I was blown away by this performance. The audience could feel every emotion expressed by the character. From the passion, to the obsession, to the hurt and pain, you were emotionally captivated by this character. The character was so intriguing yet, you couldn’t quite figure him out.  Why was he a sex addict? Why was he a womanizer? All of these questions were going through my mind, but the ultimate question was, what were the nightmares about? I was so mesmerized by the acting that I could hear myself sighing when something unexpected was done or said. This play completely had and held my attention and I just knew I had to meet the creator behind it all.

LCC had a chance to chat with AR Garcia to learn more about him and his play and here is what he had to say:

LCC: How did you get started with play writing?

AR: I've been writing since I was a teenager. It started with just poetry, then short stories but then I wanted to expand. I love films. I am huge movie buff but I realized that the pulse of the theater was uncanny. It's raw. And that my ideas and stories as raw as they are needed that type of platform. There is NO cut. No do over. The words you write will come alive on stage and change someone's life. Their opinion. Their outlook. Their emotions. I wanted to have that effect on people and because it is live a person can actually connect. For me it's a contact sport…lol

LCC: What was the inspiration behind the script I Love Them All?

AR: At first the play was supposed to be something completely different. The character "Nick" was supposed to be something different but my creative process is rather awkward. But then I guess so is every other writer. I usually create a character first. Then I ask myself, what is this person’s story? At first, I let the systematical writer in me take over. And I came up with a generic synopsis for the play for Nick's life. But it seemed hollow. I thought about how I could relate to this character. I realized that just telling a story about a man with vices could come off crude without a reason. So I dug deep and pushed myself to develop this character and his demons as far as I could. He had now become very real in my life and so did his demons. I know this is going to sound very weird but when I created this character all I knew about him was that he had some serious addictions. My inspiration was to find out why he had those vices.

LCC: What did you want the audience to take away after seeing this performance?

AR: I think there were a couple of things. We all have demons. You never know why a person is the way they are. As much as it is a cliché, you truly can't judge a book by its cover. I also wanted to expose that there is real evil in the world. There are a lot of symbolism in this piece and a lot of metaphors. I wanted to challenge the audience to find the intricacies of this piece. Everything is connected. EVERYTHING! Every metaphor, symbolism, every word meant something.

LCC: What are your upcoming projects?

AR:  After winning, “The ONE Festival at LATEA Theater,” part of the prize is to have the theater produce my piece and give me a week run. So I will begin to work on the full length version of "I LOVE THEM ALL" with a full cast which will be pretty awesome. We also begin production this summer on the short film version of "I LOVE THEM ALL." So, this too is also very exciting for me because it will be my 1st film production. And last but never least; I am in the middle of producing the first play I ever wrote called, "SHE HATES COFFEE" which is a story of a young Latino man that has serious relationship failures. It's relationships from a REAL and ACTUAL MALES PERSPECTIVE!

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