“I Don’t Care”

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Elle Varner recently released her new video "I Don't Care". The song talks about how head over heels in love she is. How nothing matters but her and her love. She's totally gone and it shows and everyone see its. However, the video displays a little more than just that. Although the video does display head over heels, stand the test of time kind of love, it was shown in 3 different ways. First way, Elle and a leading white male roll, second way, a black female and white male, and third, a white male and black male. All three in different scenarios but all three showing the love they have for one another. While their love is strong, there are people trying to tear them apart or who don't agree with their love for one reason or another. The video displays very realistic views people have on interracial and same sex relationships. At the end of the video, each couple "overcomes" their obstacles and remain together.

I love this video!! Love is love, regardless of color or sex. Allow people to live their lives as they choose to. People spend more energy hating and being prejudice, then living their own lives. I've said it once and I'll say it again. We could live such better lives if we worry about ourselves instead of everyone else's business.



Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee

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