“I didn’t choose writing. Writing chose me.” Interview with Bestselling Author, Tamika Newhouse

Tamika is definitely an entrepreneur on the rise.With many accomplishments already under her belt, she is a self-published bestselling author, she was inducted into "Who’s who in Black San Antonio' and she achieved a major publishing deal without the help of an agent, all while writing for independent projects. Along with her many accolades and recognitions, Tamika also has her own publishing company titled, Delphine Publications, which she founded at the age of 21. Check her out! This woman is a hard worker. Delphine Publications won an "African American Literary Award for Best Anthology." Her hard work has also gotten her recognized in, Uptown Magazine, Essence, Juicy Magazine, and in Vibe Vixen Magazine.

Just when you thought Tamika was on top of the world with her writing and publication achievements, she is also the founder and President of an online book club and radio show, "African Americans on the Move Book Club" (AAMBC). And it doesn't stop there, she's also CEO of "Obsessive Soul Media", with projects in the making, including short films, stage plays and so much more.

When she's not writing or running her up and coming empire, Tamika tours the country speaking about how she overcame  teen pregnancy to live out her dreams, as well as teaching aspiring writers about the publishing game. Tamika is currently working on her seventh novel,  "Kisses Don’t Lie 2".

You can learn more about Tamika, Delphine Publications, and AAMBC on her site, www.TamikaNewhouse.com


Let's Chick Chat had the opportunity to interview Tamika to dig a little deeper, to learn more about her preofesional and personal side.  Check it out below.


LCC: What is the inspiration behind the characters of your novels?

T: I always aspire to have my characters be very relatable and realistic. Each holds a purpose in which I write them. I either want my readers to learn from them or be more like them. It’s always a hidden agenda with me.


LCC:  “I didn’t chose writing, writing chose me,” when did it hit you that your calling was writing?

T: I was twelve years old when I knew that I wanted to be a novelist. However living out that dream I felt was unrealistic. I feel that I am very blessed to be living out my purpose.


LCC: As a young African-American women, what advice can you share to up and coming authors?

T: You have to use those doubters and ill-wishers as your motivation. The worst thing you can ever do is allow your enemy to see you weak. If you want to pursue your dream why not do it? We only live once, so live.


LCC: How did becoming a mother at a young age prepare you for your career today?

T: Well it obviously steer in me responsibility and the experience with hurt, pain, and failure. Being a mother period no matter how old you are is a challenge. Because I had the skills of taking care of another being I was able to channel some of my teachings into my very own business. I have strong affective skills because of that.


LCC: How did it feel when you realized your dreams as an author were coming true?

T: Very surreal, sad, and fulfilling at the same time. I  try to wrap your head around the fact that you are traveling the country because people are reading your work but then again sad because your own mother cannot witness it. I however enjoy each day that I am living out my dream.


LCC: How old were you when you started seriously writing? Is there anything specific that motivates you to write?

T: I was twenty when I knew that I was going to seriously take on this journey. I had written a book prior to this and I knew that was my golden ticket to making my dream come true.


LCC: Is there a story behind the name of your publishing company, Delphine Publications?

T: Yes it sure is. Delphine is name after my late mother Delphine Jamison because I wanted to bring literature to the public that reflect the woman she was. Funny, sexy, serious, God-fearing, a mother, and she would ride or die for you. She reflects everything I ever want to publish. She is a legend in my book and I am keeping her legacy alive.


LCC: What is unique about your book club, African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC)?

T: It was totally created by an ambitious twenty year old (myself), whom only wanted to expose black writers. With no professional training I some how became this marketing woman who learned the business and turned it into something so much more. By the age of twenty-one I had two companies. AAMBC still to this day awards black writers, interviews them, and exposes them to the masses.


LCC: In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing the most?

T: Being at home and watching TV. I feign for the simple life.


LCC:  What is one silly fact about Tamika Newhouse?

T: I sing about 80% of everyday in my life and mainly off key. But hey I love to sing.


Tamika Newhouse is definitely about her business and her brand and as her empire continues to rise we, at LCC wish her nothing but the best.


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