How To Naturally Get Better Sleep

I am sure we could all use a better nights sleep, for at least a week. I am also sure that most of us don’t have proper sleep routines. I have yet to use these techniques myself but I am definitely going to try these tips for a couple days to see if I notice a difference.


Here are a few tips to naturally help you get better sleep.


Have a regular sleep schedule:

-       set a bedtime and stick to it

-       wake up at the same time everyday, don’t hit the snooze

-       nap to make up sleep, but nap smart

-       Don’t fall asleep after eating diner


Regulate your natural sleep-wake cycle:

-       increase your exposure during the day by, no sunglass, spend time in the sun, let more light in your home or workplace.

-       Increase your melatonin production at night, so, turn off your tv or computer, don’t read using a backlite, make your room as dark as possible, use a flashlight when going to the bathroom at night, instead of turning on lights.


Start a relaxing bedtime routine:

-       make your bedroom sleep friendly, such as, keeping noise down, keep your room at a cool temperature, have a comfy bed.

-       Reserves your bed for sleeping and sex, that’s it, nothing else


Eat right and exercise:

-       no big meals at night

-       no night caps

-       chill out on caffeine drinks

-       don’t over hydrate yourself at night

-       stop smoking


How do you get back to sleep?:

-       stay out of your head

-       just relax, don’t try to sleep

-       non-stimulating activities

-       not a time for brainstorming or worrying about issues


Try these different techniques out and let us know how much better your sleeping has been. And if you find there is no difference let us know that as well. Good luck and sleep tight.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee