How to make a simple work out regimen

This year I have been trying to get into a healthy workout and healthy eating regimen. I must say, it has been difficult. My laziness kicks in and then comes the excuses and nothing gets done. But, everyday I try to do better and with my new regimen I am hoping this process will become easier.

Here are a few tips to get organize and get back into living a healthy lifestyle:


  1. Calendar your Exercises: I have found keeping a calendar of everything that I have to do, including the type of exercises, helps keep me organized. For example, on Tuesdays I dedicate myself to doing arm workouts at the gym.
  2. Plan your Meals Ahead: If you know you have a busy week, plan your meals the night before. Every night pack your lunch for the following the day, this will eliminate time wasted in the morning, plus it ensures you stay on any specific diet you may be on.
  3. Pack your Gym Bag Before: I know this may sound silly, but packing a gym bag the night before you plan to go to the gym does work. I don’t know how many mornings I’ve scramble around looking for sneakers, when I could have had it all packed the night before.
  4. Get a Partner: Sometimes having a gym partner helps.  You can encourage each other plus spot each other when using different machines. The extra motivation can go a long way
  5. Do Not Rush: Changing your lifestyle and developing a new habit takes time. It does not happen over night and some days will be harder than others. Take your time and be patience. Remember, the small steps do count.

This is a work in progress and if you have any tips for getting back into shape, please share the knowledge. #HealthyIsSexy

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Tileah Aisha