How to Forgive…

This is a blog of thought and passion. Everyone knows the saying, “forgive and forget”. But do the people saying this really know how hard that is to do? Especially when the person who you are to forgive is a person you love and has hurt you beyond words. It’s surely not something you will ever forget, but can you forgive and begin to move forward? I’d hope so. But at the time of you hurting, you can’t think of anything else but how your world has ended. How you’ve lost your best friend and how can a person you hold so dear to your heart totally break you down? Everything reminds you of this person, every word, songs, show, scenario, and just your day-to-day thoughts. This person has been your world and now your world has been taken from you because of something they did. How do you even begin to forgive, let alone forget? There is no answer for this, and everyone will come to their moment of forgiveness in their own time. But how can you get through your day without tears, without feeling sick, without everything reminding you of this person? You tell yourself to be strong and the feelings are only temporary, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But all you want to do is skip straight to the being stronger part. In love you will get hurt, and sometimes you stay with that person and work it out and sometimes you call it quits, you may even try to be friends after. But the only thing that will remain true to this situation regardless of who you are, what the situation was, or who is to blame, TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. You just have to be strong and keep it together until those wounds heal, however long that may take.


It’s hard taking your own advice, but that’s what I’m going to have to do. So if you’re “me” right now going through this, we are taking this journey together.


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee


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