Techniques to Encourage Yourself

Sometimes we have to encourage ourselves. In life we sometimes always look for someone else to encourage and motivate us but it comes to a point where we have to look in the mirror and speak our own victory.  So how do you encourage yourself?

1.  I always reflect on where I have been, where I am at, and where I am going.  When I look at those 3 stages of my life, it reminds me of what I am not, what I’m doing, and what I have to do.  That alone motivates me, because I force myself to see the bigger picture.  When you look at the bigger picture in what you are trying to accomplish it gives you hope to continue.

2. I read books. My newest book that I recently read was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. After reading this book, it was like an EUREKA moment and everything clicked. It explains the journey to success, it explains the obstacles, and it explains the people involved with the journey. It is an overall inspiring book that anyone that has a vision and goal to achieve could relate to and gain something from it.

3. I sit in silence.  It may seem strange but sometimes you just need peace and quiet and still your mind in order to regroup.  I normally lay on my couch in my living room and I either close my eyes or stare at the ceiling. I just need a still moment to remind myself, it is not that bad and to keep going.

There are many different methods you can do to encourage yourself. Please leave a comment and let us know how you encourage yourself.


Tileah Aisha