How Spontaneous Are You?

So, lately I’ve been living life very spontaneously.  Some days I’m focused on this and other days I’m focused on that.  To an outsider he/she may think I am unfocused or lacks direction.  But to me, the spontaneous acts are all a fraction of the bigger picture.  So how do you live your life?  Are you spontaneous? Do you have random moments in life?  I read in some article online that spontaneous acts actually can improve life.  I must say, I do agree.  Always having routine and consistent demands creates anxiety for me.  Now I understand and believe everyone must have structure in their lives, it’s essential.  But I believe it’s those “off the wall” moments that makes waking up to a new day EXCITING.

Here are 3 spontaneous things to try.  (DISCLAIMER: it’s not actually spontaneous if you plan, but you get the idea) lol.


  1. Acts of kindness:  On any given day just be nice to someone you dislike.  Perhaps buy a co-worker a cup of coffee, tip the waiter a little extra cash.  You will be surprised at the gratitude you receive just by helping someone else.


2.  Try a new hobby: There are so many sports, classes, games, places to visit…it is so many things to do and visit, pick one and enjoy.  Perhaps checking out a different magazine could make you aware of what’s new and what’s happening.  Something new is always appreciated.


3.   Take a random trip: This trip does not have to be luxurious and expensive. Take a weekend getaway road trip; visit a friend or family member you haven’t seen in a while.  Sometimes different scenery is needed to regroup and refocus on the main aspects of your life.


I absolutely love spontaneous acts; it makes me feel empowered and freed from all of the actual and factual struggles.  So try it!  Be spontaneous and let me know how it worked out :)




Tileah Aisha