How Negativity Made Me Happy

Whenever you embark on a new venture in life, whether it’s a new relationship, different career path, or a change in location, people will always have something to say.  The minute you decided to make a change for yourself and take a leap into the unknown, the naysayers are right there waiting to pull you back to the norm. What do I mean by this? Well, have you ever wanted to move to a new place and everyone gave you all the reasons why that particular state or city just isn’t “right” for you?  What about a new relationship? Has anyone ever told you that the man you chose is not “right” for you before even getting to know the person? It seems as if whenever people do something that is out of their norm, people always tend to have the most negative things to say about it.  Somebody is always in a hurry to tell another person about how they should live their life instead of living their own.

So, how do you handle these people?  How do you handle all of the negativity? Well, I decided to use it all as my motivation.  When I decide to do something out of my norm and the masses of people begin to tell me all the reasons I should NOT do something, it gives me the energy and courage to do it.  Now, please do not confuse this information with someone who is genuinely looking out for your well being and they are giving advice. I am strictly talking about the “haters”. Those that do not want to see you move forward. Those that prefer you to stay in your comfort zone.

People are afraid of the unknown and those that take the leap of faith into the unknown are always looked at as if they are “crazy”.  Well, if being “crazy” means discovering new opportunities then call me “crazy”. Do not let the naysayers have the final word.  Use their words as ammunition to continue on your journey. Jump into the unknown, roll around in it, see if you like it. Hell, the unknown may be your new comfort zone.  Life is all about taking certain risks.  It is a sad sight when you see people who are just alive but are not living.  Live your life. You were put here on earth to do great things, take that leap of faith and go for it! Take the negativity of those naysayers and use it as a step stool to help you continue to rise above.  I know you have it in you, just do it.

Kandi Burruss from the Real Housewives of Atlanta had a song titled Fly Above. It is about flying above all the negativity and continuing to do what makes you happy.  Let your haters be your motivators.



Tileah Aisha