How do you balance a career and a relationship? 3 Tips to Finding Balance:

As your career begins to bloom and you take on more and more demands, how do you balance your personal life? The cliché’ is that people make time for things they want to make time for, but what if you really do not have time? Twenty-four hours in a day is really not a lot of time and once you factor in sleep, food, and exercise, the day is done!

But where does that leave your relationship?  How do you find the balance? From my viewpoint, many people within their 20s are striving for greatness. Whether you’re in school, working, or opening your own business/ company, many people in this age bracket are grinding.  Grinding may entail long days and long nights, leaving little room for anything extra, but of course, in order for a personal relationship to grow you have to put in time and effort.  So, that leads me to wonder, do you have to decide between a relationship and a career?

I, personally, do not think you have to choose. Creating the balance would entail communication with your significant other.  Explain them your goals, aspirations and desires and hope that they understand and believe in you.  Now, I am not saying you completely disregard them nor their feelings, but there has to be some form of give and take in order for anything to prosper.


Here are 3 tips to finding balance:


  1. Schedule Date Nights: I know it may seem unromantic to schedule in your mate, but when your young and you have to strike while the iron is hot you have to make some sacrifices.  Scheduling date nights ensures that you dedicate time to your mate and only your mate. That means on date nights, turn off the phone, do not check emails, and become completely engaged with your significant other.
  2. Communication: Share your goals and dreams with your mate and explain to them the sacrifices that have to take place in order for you to succeed.  Hopefully, they will be understanding and can work with you, but if they can’t at least they were told before hand.
  3. Organization: Get a calendar and organize your life.  Set “to do” task daily and ensure you complete them by the end of the day. Even if on the “to do” list is “text something sweet to the boo” When you are being pulled from every direction the best thing to do is organize your agenda.

There is a price to pay to be successful in your career as well as to have a successful relationship. At the end of the day you have to decide what is MOST important to you and from there you can move forward.



Tileah Aisha