How Are You Changing the Game?

In recognizing March as Women’s Month, we must recognize all of those that are changing the game of life. As history has illustrated, women use to have the role of solely being the wife, the mother and the housekeeper. We were not allowed to vote, speak up, have a career, or do anything that would deem us as independent. But, I am so glad times have changed and women have now CHANGED THE GAME.  On top of being the wife and the mother, because that we still do and take pride in, but we are so much more than that and it is women within our communities that exemplify the greatness that we are.  A woman’s work and worth are the true definition of balance. As Beyonce’ said How we're smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bare the children. Then get back to business!

LCC has had the honor of interviewing a woman who has truly CHANGED THE GAME, Vernetta R. Freeney. Vernetta runs an award winning business blog site titled, “Women Are Game Changers” and is the owner of Women Are Game Changers LLC. She is the host of “Fusion Tour” which is a national networking tour for women entrepreneurs. Through her speech and writing her goal is to help women strengthen their network by adding valuable connections.  She is constantly building her brand and connecting women from all different backgrounds to unite and be a success to each other.  Out of her busy schedule she took the time to have a little chick chat, with us:

What defines a woman as a game changer?

There is no one set definition of a Gamechanger. Women are here to define this for
themselves. I would say she is a strong, loyal, passionate, spiritual,
healthy go-getter. A Gamechanger is someone who does not follow the
status quo. She goes against the grain, takes a stand and creates her
own path.

What was/is the inspiration behind you developing this brand?

It's an accident I even built one. Or should I say divine
intervention. I started my business as a blog to tell stories of
everyday women I knew. These women weren't getting the attention I felt
they deserved. I think felt I should be more like the women I was
featuring. I should be an entrepreneur as well. The inspiration behind
my brand is the fact that women aren't seen as Gamechangers unless you
amassed a huge amount of wealth, run a Fortune 500 company or seen as a
"celebrity" by the media. I wanted to show, tell stories and connect
others to the amazing women in our communities. My brand is built on the
fact that women have to stick together so we all can build million
dollar companies. The true inspiration goes back to the days when women
truly stuck by one another and helped each other get to the next level.
Women Are Gamechangers is here to bring that back in today's global

Networking is very important to the longevity of a  brand, what is one tip you could offer a newbie entering the entrepreneurial industry?

Meet people and learn from them. Most people try to make sales or close deals with people they just met. It doesn't work like that. They don't know you. You must get to know people. Relationships are vital in the success of your business. Relationships start from networking. Always remember that networking is the first step in building a long term business relationship. It's not about making a sale or closing a deal.

What can a reader expect to find when they visit your blog site?

There are a variety of topics on the
blog. When people come to the blog, they will see stories from me as
well as others. The blog is the place where you can connect with women
who are either in your industry or someone you know you need to know.
The blog is a place to showcase all that women can do to add value to
their network. The ladies featured on the blog are definitely women you
need to know. They have success and can help you get your own success.
My writing focuses mainly on how networking leads to business
relationships as well as the highs and lows of the networking world.

What is one silly fact about Vernetta R. Freeney?

Wow, there are so many. I love to act like a big kid when I'm with my nephews. That
is probably the silliest people will ever see me. Many people don't
expect that from me since I'm poised all the time. But I love my nephews
and feel I should act as silly as they do when we're together. But you
won't see that behavior on a daily basis. I have a reputation to uphold, lol.

Vernetta, you are definitely changing the game. Check out her website more information about how to expand your network and business.


Tileah Aisha