Health Tip for the Week: Stress

Stress Relief tips

1: Drink a cup of black tea before stressful task and it will reduce your levels of stress. It's that simple!!

2: F%@# it!! Believe it or not, cursing helps reduce stress. Just do it in the appropriate places.

3: Get poked... Acupuncture is suppose to reduce your stress levels by 39%. I you don't have the time or
cash, try massaging the space between you index finger and thumb for about 30 seconds. Woosah!

4: Piece of Dark Chocolate a day can help lower your stress. The make up of cocoa helps reduce blood pressure thus reducing stress levels. The same doesn't work for milk chocolate. So one serving size of dark chocolate will do the trick.

5: Laugh it Out. Laughing is always a great way to relieve stress. Surround yourself with funny friends, catch a comedy show, or jut sit at home a look up some laughs on YouTube.

6: Power of Omega 3's. Add some Omega 3's to your diet. Fish such as salmon is a good choice.

Tid Bit:
"When tense, your body pumps out extra adrenaline that prompts the emission of sebum, your skin's pimple-causing oil. As production of one goes up, so does the other."