Have You Ever Blown A Good Thing?

YouTube Preview Image I was listening to the rap artist, Nas’s new song “Bye Baby” and within the lyrics he says, “I guess you knew we blew a good thing, baby, bye baby.” After listening to this song, the questioned was raised, have you ever blown a good thing?

Take this moment to reflect back on a past incident that could have gone differently, if only you had reacted differently. It could be a personal relationship, a friendship, a career decision, anything. In retrospect, did you blow a good thing?

Experiences, good and bad, happen in our lives to make us better individuals. Experiences take place to teach us something new, allow us to mature in ways that perhaps we would have not known, had we not gone through anything. So I ask again, did you blow a good thing?

I can think back on different situations in my past that NOW I could say that I could have handled it differently. I think we all should have those moments, for it shows us that we have matured and we are not what we use to be. So now I wonder, if you did blow a good thing, now what?

Well, the great thing about controlling your own life is, you have options. You can either try to “fix” the situation if possible. Or you could simply take it as a lesson learned and not look back.  Many times we try to forget the past, but we have to actually look at it and examine so we can better handle the present and the future.

So I ask again, have you ever blown a good thing? If so, how did you handle it? How do you wish you DID handle it? What are you doing about it now?

Share your thoughts and lets chick chat about it….


Tileah Aisha