As women we have several hats to put on every day. Some more than others, but most of us put on the hats of a coworker, daughter, sister, friend, and then some add on the hats of mom, aunt, and wife. This can be very tiresome by the end of the day or week and your ready to crash at the end of the month. There are many things you can do to help boost your energy levels. Most people think all they need is sleep and they are recharged and ready to go. But that’s not always the case.  There are other ways to boost energy, and drinking a Red Bull or Five Hour Energy isn’t it. This may seem like it will do the opposite but 30 minutes a day of physical activity will help boost your energy. Also eating can help, but just not any food. Here are several foods to help give you energy as well as some food you may want to stay away from that drain you of energy.

Foods that help with your energy levels are: Fresh Produce, Whole Grains, Nuts (almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts), Lean Meats, Salmon (Omega 3s), Leafy Greens, Fibers, Dark Chocolate, Tea and Coffee, Water, and Don’t skip breakfast.

Foods to stay away from: Sweets, Bread, Snacks, Potatoes, Rice, Watermelon, and Honey.

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