Food For Thought… Fairytales

Since we were little girls we were told that we are little princesses and watch Disney movies and other cartoons that told the story of princesses overcoming person obstacles and finding their prince charming, being swept off their feet, finding love at first site, being pursed, and living happily ever after. Then we get a little older, our teen years, and we watch the teeny popper movies. Now instead of cartoon characters we are watching real actors and actresses in high school settings portraying the same stories. Overcoming person obstacles, finding themselves and falling in love with the cute guy in school and having a happy ending. Then as adults we begin to read books as well as watch movies with once again the same storyline.

Most women grow up wanting a fairytale life, with a fairy tale husband/partner, and a fairytale job. Is that because of the “entertainment” we grew up with? Have these stories mislead us into thinking we can have a fairytale of a life? Don’t get me wrong, there are a handful of women out there who can say they have found their prince charming and live the life they have always dreamt of, but what about the rest of us? If we had more stories that didn’t always have the perfect ending, or that showed more struggle would it have still created a false sense of reality for us? I also wonder, would a fairytale life and prince charming be more possible if young men were told they were princes, just like we were told we were princesses? If our young men were taught the etiquette and manners and viewpoint that a young prince would have been taught would they all then treat us like princesses and allow us to live our fairytale dreams?