Flirting with a Purpose: Tips to Flirting

IGirls just want to have funs flirting the way to life? Is it natural game?

Giggling, laughing, batting your eyes, and sweet compliments, are just a few of many gestures people use to flirt.  I was watching Girl Code on MTV television one day and the topic of flirting was discussed. It was so hilarious, yet so true.  Do people really flirt without realizing it? Have you ever found yourself overly smiling or laughing at someone? Or trying to find ways to be around that person? I am sure you have. We all have. We all have flirted in one form or another; the only difference would be the purpose of the flirt.

Are you flirting to get a date, ahead in your career, or to just see if you still ‘got’ it? People flirt for many different reasons. Some people flirt and do not even realize it until the person their talking to makes a rash movement. Has flirting become such a natural and common instinct that we all do it and not even realize it? When dealing with the opposite sex or someone you’re attracted to, how do you handle flirting with them? What is your approach? Here are a few tips to flirting:

  1. Keep it causal: A simple, “hey, how are you?” may go a long way. Start with the basic conversation skills first. Try to be as natural as you can and keep the conversation simple, at first.
  2. Don’t pry too quickly: Keep the conversations fun and interesting. Don’t overdo it with questions about ex’s, marriage, love, future, etc. Leave those topics for once you get to know the person a little better and have gone on a few dates.
  3. Compliment them: Tasteful compliments about what you like about the person can go a long way. If you like his shirt, tell him so. Everyone appreciates a nice compliment and knowing that the other person is actually paying attention. *RISK* If you’re bold and you sense the feedback is well deserved, try a physical compliment, but be careful, this can lead the conversation to somewhere you aren’t comfortable, but it’s worth a shot.
  4. Tease a little: Everyone likes a good cat and mouse chase once in awhile. Play a little hard to get but don’t make it seem like you’re not interested. Nobody likes someone that acts like their uninterested when in actuality they are. Keep him guessing, but make it exciting.
  5. Keep him wanting more: Do not play all your cards at once. Leave him holding on to something for the next conversation.

Flirting is a personality factor; try to be you as much as possible. Hopefully, the flirting could lead towards what you wanted. But then again, what is your purpose for flirting? Once you discover why you want to flirt with someone, it makes it easier to ultimately gain what you are trying to achieve. Flirty can be fun and exciting, keep it clean and enjoy.


Tileah Aisha