First Date Conversation Topics

The weekend is finally here and for some this may mean it is time for the first date. The first date could be a nerve racking experience, I like to refer to it as the first date syndrome. This is when you’re nervous about everything leading up to the initial meet and greet. There’s the outfit syndrome. What should you wear? It can’t be too raunchy but not too conservative. How much is too much cleavage to show? Are the heels too high? Ugh, I can go on an on about this. And then there is the perfect location syndrome.  Where should we go for the first date? Should it be an overly expensive restaurant or a franchise? What about the movies, or bowling? Where is the perfect first date setting? And the most important syndrome, which is ultimately the hardest, is the first date conversation syndrome.  What type of conversations do you have on a first date?

Some people are natural social butterflies and speaking is not a difficult task, however, to some this may be a nerve racking experience. Some people rehearse what they will say but if the conversation takes a turn in a different direction, then what? But the first date conversation jitters does not have to be a traumatizing experience.

Here are 5 first date topics to help you along your way:


  1. What are your hobbies/interest? This will give you an idea if the person you are dating is compatible. See if you share similar interest.
  2. Briefly discuss each others goals and future dreams.  I don’t know about you, but I love a person that is goal oriented and actually works towards achieving them.
  3. Travel Destinations- See if this relationship could lead to some passport stamps. Discover if he/she are into traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures.
  4. Favorite Music Artists- Understanding the type of music someone listens to can sometimes give you an idea of the type of lifestyle he/she are into.
  5.  Favorite food dish- Everyone loves food. Discovering which dish are his/her favorites could spark stories about family food traditions or to see if he/she has some skills in the kitchen. The sub-topics of food are endless.

The first date should be an interesting unique time in bringing together two strangers hoping for a love connection match.  Of course, the nerves will always get in the way but try to relax and just remember if it doesn’t go well, ON TO THE NEXT ONE ;)


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Tileah Aisha