Fabulosity is Your Inner Beauty

Making sure your outfit is chic, makeup is plush, and the heel must give you shoe-icide, are a part of our daily regime for most women. And now with songs such as, You Fancy (huh), who doesn’t want to look great? However, as I network and meet people I am beginning to notice that the trend to look fab on the outside stays right there, outside; the inner character is a bunch of nerves and may tell a burden story. As women, we are expected to look a certain way and carry ourselves a certain way, even if it isn’t our way. There is a “norm” on how women should act and many times we battle with adapting to the “norm” and being who we really are. At times we tend to use our designer clothing, high stilettos and tons of Mac makeup to hide what we are really feeling inside. Yet, having a sour, burden, resentful, personality underneath all the fab attire doesn’t hurt anyone but you. I recently, re-watched the film, “The Devil Wears Prada” and this is a prime example of how no matter what designer you may be dressed in, if the personality underneath does not equal up your better off wearing rags.

People just naturally love to put up a façade for others and show out just to get attention, we all love attention. But after all the makeup is washed away, and the clothes are off, who are we? Dressing to impress is something we all do, but we have to ask our self, who exactly do we want to impress? We prance around in our best when internally the pain of life is running deep. I know it’s a lot easier to put on a smile, a great outfit and pretend everything is fine. But after awhile the reflection in that mirror is going to expose all those inner feelings and instead of getting dressed we need to start ADDRESSING those feelings. Once we start addressing those feelings the better we will actually look and most importantly feel in those outfits. So as you slip on that outfit and work those heels remember it’s the radiance of your personality and spirit that makes you fabulous not the clothing itself.

“I am motivated by the desire to change what has become the norm” #fabulosity