Does Your Family Influence Your Dating Life?

tileah*Plot* My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months and we are very compatible. He has two children from a previous relationship and has a very good paying career. I do not have any children. He makes me happy and vice versa, we are each others soul mates. We are thinking of taking the next step and getting a place together, but first he must meet my family. Uh oh, I wonder how this will go.

Last week, I was watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta and thought about the discussion/ debate between Kandi and her mother, Mama Joyce over Kandi’s fiancé Todd.  It made me think of the question, could your family be too involved in your bedroom?

When we get into relationships, one of the many hurdles us women put our significant other under is the ‘family test.’ We want to bring him around our families and see how he meshes in. Does my mom like him? How about the grandparents? Can he interact with my cousins? And the ultimate, does my father like him? These are all the questions and then some that race through our minds when we have a new special love interest. But what if your family isn’t too receptive? What do you do now?

Families always seem to have an opinion about who you’re dating but it’s up to you to determine when to listen and when to ignore.  Many times we find it hard to ignore our families because we do not want to disappointment them. However, it comes to a point in our adult life where we have to stand on our own two feet and follow our heart.

Here are 5 clues that your family has TOO much influence over your dating life:

  1. Cause of your breakups:   You realize the reason for all of your past breakups are due to your families input.
  2. Criticizes your lifestyle:  Your family is constantly judging your dating lifestyle and the people you meet, even when you’re happy.
  3. Guilt Trip: Every time you’re out with your beau, your family always calls asking you to do something for them.
  4. Pointing out the flaws:  No one is perfect but your family is continuously pointing out the “flaw” in your beau.
  5. “You can do better” talk: You regularly find yourself defending your relationship.

How much of an influence does your family play in your personal relationship? How do you deal? Leave me a comment and let’s chick chat about it


Tileah Aisha

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