Do you use seduction to get ahead?

As women we have innate sex appeal.  Whether it’s the curves of our hips, the slant of our eyes, or the plump of our lips, we carry an unintentional sex appeal that is irresistible to some. So how do you manage that sex appeal?  Do you use it to get ahead? Do you cover it up? How can you handle an innate appeal?

Some women hide their appeal for fear of the wrong impression being portrayed.  Some woman flaunts it to the extreme and make sure everyone sees it.  How do you handle yours? I like to use my appeal in a seductive yet sophisticated way.  Leave just enough sass for the imagination to take it from where I left it.  Using seduction to get ahead was never my mo-jo. I believe the personality, charm and mental is all that is needed to get ahead.  So women would beg to differ, and to that I say “to each its own”.  I do not knock or judge anyone’s hustle.  Nevertheless, we as women have so much more to offer than our appeal that it is belittling to our character to solely rely on our appeal.

So do I use seduction to get ahead? Of course not, but I can’t deny the seductress that I possess and I make sure I rock it well. *fancy*

How do you handle your appeal?


Tileah Aisha