Do you think you’re his only girlfriend? 5 dating clues that states otherwise

Winter time is here and we are in the midst of the magical “cuffing season”.  We all know what “cuffing” season is; it’s that time of the year where everyone wants to link up so they can have a “snuggle buddy” for the winter.  But let’s face the facts, cuffing season does not last all year and who’s to say you’re the only one.

Does your “boyfriend” act strange sometimes out of the blue? Does he not spend a lot of time with you anymore? Do you feel like he isn’t emotionally connected to you? Well, if you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions perhaps, there is someone else.

Here are 5 tale tell signs that MAY prove you are not the only one.

1.       Doesn’t make time to see you

If your mate is always busy and doesn’t ATTEMPT to factor you into his busy schedule, perhaps, there is someone holding him back.  Remember people make time for things they WANT to make time for.

2.       You never met his friends

Where are his hommies? Many people have that ONE friend that they are close too and share everything with. If you haven’t met his friends, could that mean you’re not important to him?  It depends on the duration of the relationship. If the relationship is fairly new, more than likely people like to keep close people away until they are sure you’re the “one”. BUT if years have gone past and you haven’t met ONE friend, side-eye that man please!

3.       He doesn’t refer to you as his girlfriend to others…but are you?

So, what exactly is this situation? What is the status is this relationship? I know some people hate titles, but sometimes titles ensure a certain level of respect. If this is a relationship you want to last and go further, speak to your mate and ensure you both are on the same level.

4.       You haven’t met any family members

The slogan is family first, right? Well, have you met his family? Supposedly, when you meet the family that’s when you know things are serious and this may be the real deal. But, if you haven’t even met the family pet, perhaps there is a reason why he hasn’t brought you home. Hmm…

5.       Date nights usually consist of inside your apartment and take-out

If your dates only consist of Chinese food take-out menus and pizza, perhaps there is a reason he is keeping you inside. Try asking to go to a local popular restaurant and see what he says. If he is reluctant and not interested, side-eye that man please!  There is a reason why you are not good enough to be out in public, and trust me, I am sure it is not you.

These are just a few tips and please do not go home and snap on your boyfriend if he has done one of these things. Lol. Conducting any of the above acts does NOT guarantee that your mate is cheating.  Communication within any relationship is important; begin by talking to your mate and discovering what level you both are on.  Winter time is here let’s enjoy the magical realm of “cuffing season”

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Tileah Aisha