Do you live in denial? 3 Signs you’re in denial

As the New Year approaches and many people will begin their lifestyle declarations and resolutions, I wonder if people are going to accept the fact that they may live in denial. Denial is defined as, disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing. How many of you know people that live in “la la land” and/ or won’t admit to themselves all of their issues. As I continue to live my life, I’ve learned in order to see and accept change; you have to be able to believe in it. And in order to believe in it, you can’t live in denial. This will only cloud the true reality. While living in denial won’t necessarily kill you, it can negatively affect you personally, your family, even your career. Are you living in denial about anything? If so, let’s face those matters head on and start the New Year with a clear open vision.

Here are 3 signs your living in denial:

1. You are above failure.

Are you someone that is afraid to make mistakes or feel as if you CAN’T make mistakes? Well, NEWSFLASH if you haven’t made any mistakes in life that means you haven’t tried anything new. Everyone that has ever tried something new and different has always made mistakes. It is a part of the learning and growing aspect of embarking on a new task. Although mistakes can be frustrating, it does prove your human and it teaches you a valuable lesson so you won’t have to Repeat the same mistake.

2. Thinking only in short term

Trying to put a small band-aid over a boo-boo that requires stitches is not going to make it heal faster. Not facing an issue is not going to make it simply go away. There are some issues in life that we must address and come to a resolution before we can move forward. If you have any outstanding issues that are holding you back from moving forward, please rectify those matters so you can move forward with a clean slate and peace of mind.

3. Not accepting the truth

When people show you who they are, believe them. Not accepting the truth that someone reveals will only leave you more in denial. Accepting the truth, no matter what the situation may be, good or bad, you have to accept it and deal with it. At the end, you’re better off being hurt by the truth then being consoled by a lie.

As we end 2012, I look back and I am grateful for all aspects of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Life constantly gives us lessons and I just pray we all learn from them and move forward in a more positive and compassionate light.

Denial should only be a river in Egypt. (Pun intended, lol) Happy New Year Beautiful People,


Tileah Aisha