Do You Dance For Your Man?

Is the bedroom aspect of your relationship boring? Do you want to spice up your relationship? Have you tried dancing for your mate?  If not, it is time to try something new.  Just follow these few steps and get the spice back into your bedroom:

  1. Set the atmosphere- light some candles and turn your lights down low, and if you’re really feeling frisky, replace that light bulb with a red bulb.  Yes, I said it. Turn on that red light special !
  2. Bra and Panty Check- time to pull out the Fredericks or Vicky Secrets, whichever you prefer and put on that little doll baby night gown.  Or if you’re really in the mood, just some lipstick. ;)
  3. 4 inch Heels- Yes, put on those high fly pumps! A man loves a woman in some heels. You better work it
  4. Turn on the tunes- Time to switch on the ipod or Pandora and turn to the slow jams. You need that soft love making music playing to add the final touches.
  5. Have fun – Its finally time to get it started. Show your man your dance moves.


Queen Bey said it best, tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body, Boy I like it when you watch me, ah, Tonight it's going down

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Get that spice back into your life #FlirtyFriday


Tileah Aisha