Do What Makes You Happy!

The one thing everyone in this world has in common is their desire to be happy. There is not one person I know, or even know of who intentionally looks to be miserable. I once thought achieving happiness was close to impossible. But I have recently discovered it is easier than I thought.  In my experience the key to happiness is to just DO! Do what you enjoy, surround yourself with people you enjoy being with, rid your life of negative energy, and know that things happen they way they are suppose to for a reason.

In this world, there really is nothing holding you back from anything you want to do, other than yourself. Now yes I know there are certain circumstances and situations that make things harder, but it does not make them impossible. Everything in your life has a consequence. Those consequences can be positive or negative, but either way you have the choice to do what you want. So why not do what makes you happy?

I’ve also learned that no one else can make you happy but you, you can’t rely on anyone else for YOUR happiness. I used to be happiest when in a relationship, then once out of that relationship I felt incomplete, and no longer happy. Along with age, experience, and lessons learned, I have found what makes me happy when single, and now I know that once in a relationship, I can be happy with them and I will be happy with out them, if that relationship goes south.

Find what makes you happy, and stick to it. If it’s something that others don’t agree with, remember it's your life and not theirs. Don’t allow what others think or say to dictate your level of happiness and how you go about living your life.



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Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee