Dam Unpretty

Today I was listening to the radio and TLC’s song Unpretty came on. Do you remember that song?  I haven’t heard that song in years and then it popped into my mind, how fitting are the lyrics to #MakeOverMonday.  As I listened to the lyrics and remembered the music video I remembered all of the young women facing body image issues and being self conscious.  Have you ever looked in the mirror and disliked your reflection? I think us, as women, we all have.  We all want that social media image of a smaller waist, flat stomach and a firm bootie, but luckily that is not everyone’s reality. As I look at all of the depictions that society and media considers “beautiful” it makes me disgusted about how much we label and judge women and ourselves.   Why do we do it? This question about female body image comes up a lot in women’s discussions and no matter how many times you can tell someone “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” we all know that wisdom doesn’t mean much in today’s society.  We still want to look “good” physically.  I could sit here and go on and on about how you must embrace your natural beauty and to not be influenced by the media.  All of which are true statements but there has to be a different approach to let women know that we truly are beautiful just the way we are.  I am not sure what that approach may be but I’m determined to figure it out.

So stay tune and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment…



Tileah Aisha


You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make-up that mac can make
But if you can't look inside you
Find out who am I, too
Be in a position to make me feel so damn unpretty”