Cyber Monsters

Have Social Networks and Texts Created Female Monsters?

Our age group, being the 20’s and 30’s, have gone through the transition of, up and coming technology to full blown technology over load. We have social networks, blogs, and carrying with us, our Blackberrys, iPhones, and Androids. With all of this, we are given platforms to express ourselves, entertain, network, stay connected with friend and family, ect. But is that what women are really using it for? There has been a peak of cyber bulling, internet thugs, and female bashing more than ever!

Let me ask this question? Before all of these venues we all use on the internet, were women as openly “catty” as they are now? Did we make flyers and post picture on walls airing out peoples dirty laundry, or make a phone call cursing someone out …. NO! Now we just post and tweet rumors, incriminating pictures, say things we know damn well we wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Oh but its ok now because you sit safely in front of your computer or phone? WRONG! The effects are even worse because of the amount of traffic these posts and tweets receive. The effects last longer and linger in the cyber world.

Why do we feel the need to put someone else down in order to build ourselves up? Just think of the oldest saying in the book, what if it were you on the other end? Would you like it?

Food for thought….