Cuffing Season Is Upon Us: Dating Tips

Well ladies, cuffing season is amongst us and thriving.  This is the time of the year where many people are looking for that boyfriend/ girlfriend to keep them warm during the winter months.  Have you found yours? In my opinion cuffing season is the perfect time to meet that mate that may turn into a long term relationship.   Or does it? The curse with cuffing season is that it normally ends by spring time; Memorial Day, but perhaps your relationship can beat the odds.

Here are some great dating spots to locate your winter love:

  1. Networking events/socials:  There is nothing like a career orientated man/woman to stimulate the emotions.
  2. Gym:  Lately I’ve been in the gym and ladies; there are some serious eye candy men that could be single. So get that gym membership and get healthy, fit and find your date.
  3. Church: People do find love in the church and I would consider it a place to find your love.  As the saying goes, “ a family that prays together, stays together”
  4. Museum: Museums are fun places to check out new artistry, get cultured, plus meet an array of people from all over.  Check your local library or web for museums in your area and check it them out.
  5. School/Campus:  Perhaps there are some of you still in school obtaining your degrees.  The classroom is a great way to get to know someone without actually speaking to them, just yet.  Perhaps you were turned on by that intellectual conversation he/she just had with the professor and you want to learn more about them. Here is your perfect chance to  suggest a study session for the next exam and woo him/her over. POW!!!


These are just a few fun spots to possibly meet a mate and there are so many more.  The winter months are upon us and I hope you are ready for it.

Let us know where your ideal spot to meet a potential date is.

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Tileah Aisha