Clean House!

Everyone is so quick to do their spring cleaning, excited for the warm weather, the new season, it seems like the spring weather just brings out the joy in people and they are ready to prepare for the warm season. However, when it comes to the fall and winter, that joy fades, the sunsets earlier, the temperature drops, and the days seem drab. You aren’t quick to get rid of clutter, put away those shorts, tanks, sandals, and bring out the sweaters and boots.  If you think about it, this is the time to clean house more than ever! With you reflecting the drab weather, you need to rid your life of clutter, mess, and other things that may contribute to the bleakness of fall/winter. You know the philosophy, that if your surroundings are cluttered, so is your mind. If you want to make it through this fall/winter get down and dirty and CLEAN HOUSE!!! This isn’t limited to just the home, this is clean house as in your life. Rid yourself off all negative things and people, they do nothing but cause harm to your wellbeing. Your happiness comes from within you and if you have things and people who affect your happiness… CLEAN HOUSE!


Peace & Love

Gwendolyn Renee